Solar Shrink Mulch Tightens In The Sun

Solar Shrink™ is a patented, new, and innovative agricultural mulch film which has a solar powered shrinking action

Old style mulch film is thick, and slow, and loose. It needs to be laid in the right conditions and at the right tension. Skilled labour is required to ensure the product goes down right the first time.

Solar Shrink mulch film shrinks at low temperatures, which means the film actually tightens as soon as it is exposed to the sun.

Every mulch user knows that in the heat of the day a small breeze can set their mulch rows billowing in the field, farmers can lose up to 10% of seedlings from this increased “flap”. 

Because Solar Shrink mulch tightens after it is laid, farmers can put it down with less brake and reduced tension, allowing the film to go down faster, using less fuel and labour in the process.

With the film tightening flat on the bed, there is a much greater transfer of heat to the soil.

The unique polymer composition and the patented Solar Shrink process creates a product which is up to 300% stronger than conventional mulch film, this means it can be made thinner, providing more meters per roll and less idle time changing rolls.


This increased strength ensures that at the end of the season the mulch can be easily retrieved by machine, reducing labour, time and disposal costs.

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