Our Vision​

Plastic use in agriculture is critical to feeding a growing population. Our vision is a future of increased crop yields, reduced farm inputs and zero waste to the environment.


By 2050 world food production needs to increase by 50% to keep pace with population growth, we need to do this with less land and fewer resources, the use of plastics in mulch film, tunnels, and irrigation is part of the solution. When the archaeologists of future generations look back at this time, we hope that they will find more than just landfills of plastic waste.

Our Mission

Hydrox Technologies is committed to challenging normal. We find innovative ways to reduce waste and cost, while helping farmers meet the challenges of a growing world.

We believe that there are better ways to use and dispose of plastic waste, that will reduce the impact that humans have on the environment. We believe that our technology, and our efforts can help growers around the world produce more, with less, while reducing their environmental impact.

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